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Yardi Announces the Elimination of ACH Rent Payment Fees

Sep 15, 2023 Bookkeeping

You should reassess your property management software every few years and see what’s new on the market. Competing successfully today requires more than managing properties. You also need to drive revenue, attract and retain tenants, and satisfy a range of stakeholders. Additionally, residents key steps of the application process and tenants think of things like mobility, energy management and self-service options as essential features, not add-ons. Breeze is a refreshingly simple property management system that works for residential, commercial, affordable housing, manufactured housing, self storage and associations.

  • Join thousands of businesses worldwide that choose Yardi property management software and services to optimize every aspect of their operations.
  • Yardi captures line-item details from your utility statements so you can view all charges including demand charges, energy usage, transmission costs and taxes.
  • Gain insight into your data with cost and consumption reporting and full drilldown to the utility meter level.
  • Our Client Success team is there for you to make sure you have a streamlined and positive experience post-implementation.
  • And, after I was done with my allotted training hours, I have access to unlimited chat and help assistance.
  • The organization has recently released new solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI), including Yardi® Virtuoso and the latest version of Yardi® Voyager.

Most of these units will be completed this year or in the first half of 2024. Capture 100% of occupant responsible utility charges through our real time vacant cost recovery service. Use real time resident/tenant activity compared to unit invoice service periods to maximize your cost recovery. Save money on late fees and reduce shut-off notices with faster invoice processing and Yardi BillPay to that ensure timely payments.

Our award-winning energy management systems reduce HVAC costs and ensure regulatory compliance without reducing comfort. By connecting business intelligence at the investment, operations and financial levels, our platforms drive value for funds holding real estate assets. Yardi® develops and supports industry-leading investment and property management software for all types and sizes of real estate companies. With over 9,000 employees, Yardi is working with clients globally to drive significant innovation in the real estate industry. For more information on how Yardi is Energized for Tomorrow, visit yardi.com.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi captures line-item details from your utility statements so you can view all charges including demand charges, energy usage, transmission costs and taxes. SANTA BARBARA, Calif., (Oct. 31, 2023) — Yardi® has announced the elimination of ACH fees for clients and residents using their platform for rent payments in the United States and Canada, starting January 2024. We also have a wide range of self-help resources available on-demand. These include task-based online help, video tutorials, software manuals and more. All this is available to you through our online client support and communication portal, Client Central.

  • Contact one tech support team for all your needs, simplifying the process and finding the right answers faster.
  • Unlike with Quickbooks that we use before, Yardi Breeze has a lot more simple and user friendly features.
  • They are readily available to assist and answer any question you may have.
  • Our development teams are also on hand for specialized troubleshooting, and our in-house cloud services team delivers connectivity support 24/7 via a dedicated hotline.
  • Because our offerings are designed to increase revenue and reduce expenses, many clients find that they quickly offset any implementation costs and even pay for themselves.

Follow us on our social media channels for all the latest industry updates and information. Automate insurance verification and compliance with TenantShield. Custom rules ensure each tenant meets specific requirements identified by you. Three service levels provide the right amount of support for your organization. Experience the convenience of never having to deal with a utility company again. With Utility Invoice Processing and Change of Ownership, new property utility account activations are seamless.

What’s the difference between the Yardi Breeze and Yardi Voyager platforms? Deliver customized financials and offer property performance comparisons within an owner’s portfolio.

Multiple platforms to meet your property management software needs

Breeze is our refreshingly simple property management software for residential and commercial plus a few specialty markets. The positive response to this platform blew us away and made Breeze one of the fastest growing solutions on the market. In February 2020, we debuted Breeze Premier, a solution that includes all Breeze features plus additional functionality for companies with slightly more advanced marketing, leasing and operational needs.

Elevate commercial operations

The organization has recently released new solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI), including Yardi® Virtuoso and the latest version of Yardi® Voyager. To learn more about the latest AI-driven technology from Yardi, schedule a meeting during the 2023 NMHC OPTECH Conference and Expo. Additionally, in early 2024, Yardi will be launching a rewards program that provides benefits to residents paying rent online with any credit card. This inclusive program is designed to cater to all residents, regardless of their credit card preferences. We’d love to show you how Yardi Breeze can help you easily manage your properties, saving you both time and money.

Rent Collection

Cut down on data entry mistakes and increase transparency when your teams works from a single source of truth. Allow residents to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, renew leases and more through a secure resident portal or mobile app that integrates seamlessly with Yardi Breeze. The biggest impact I’ve seen from moving our business to Yardi Breeze is in the level of service we’ve been able to provide to our customers. We can operate like an A+ property but still give that smaller hometown service.

Established in 1984, Yardi has grown dramatically over the last three decades to become the leading provider of high-performance software solutions for the real estate industry. Today, we employ over 8,000 dedicated professionals working in over 40 offices throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. We had a chance to catch up with Wayne Tuck, senior director at Yardi and head of the residential client services team in Canada. Wayne supports Canadian clients as well as those from the U.S. and Latin America.

You can rely on our global team and decades of experience to provide the best in client support as your business thrives and your software needs evolve. Everything is accessible from one simple dashboard that’s easy to use on phones, tablets and computers. You even get live chat support, an online Help Center and a refreshingly simple user interface. Simple pricing and convenient monthly billing make it easy to budget for. Bricks and mortar do not make a successful company, people do.

Make work easier with betterproperty management & accounting tools

As a result, the number of under-construction units not in lease-up continues to increase. Currently there are 743,967 units, a 16.2 percent quarterly increase and a 35.3 percent increase over year-ago levels. The reporting tools are top notch, and our investors can log in and pull reports any time of the day. You implemented Yardi software to ease your daily tasks and help your business grow. Our Client Success team is there for you to make sure you have a streamlined and positive experience post-implementation.

Since then, Yardi has grown dramatically to become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry. “We believe that further streamlining the rent payment process will not only improve resident satisfaction, but also create a positive ripple effect throughout the industry. Eliminating the ACH fee will drive further online payment adoption and reduce operational costs for our clients,” said Akshai Rao, president of the residential division at Yardi. Your property management software should meet five requirements before you decide to stick with it for the long haul. Both Breeze and Voyager work with multifamily and commercial properties, as well as mixed portfolios.

It also makes renting easier for tenants because it allows them to make payments, sign leases, request support and otherwise manage their accounts online. Our real estate management software includes integrated solutions for accounting, marketing and lease execution, market intelligence, energy management, end-to-end procurement, business intelligence and much more. Breeze supports the property management needs of residential, commercial, self storage, affordable, HOA/condo and manufactured housing properties. The platform is built on Yardi’s strong accounting backbone and includes tools for marketing, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, CAM recovery and owner and tenant communications.

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